IT and Web3 security services

We assess, develop, implement, certify and maintain secure systems. We teach security. Add our deep IT and cybersecurity expertise to your projects.

Security audit

Get a complete picture of what can be improved in the settings of your server, network or cloud infrastructure for efficient hardening. Read more.
Delegate assessing the security of your manufacturing infrastructure's critical elements to industrial IT security certified professionals. Read more.
Prepare in advance for investigations. If it’s not possible to prevent an incident, then at least help to protect your legal rights competently. Read more.
Get a complete understanding of how prepared your security department is for real threats. Improve efficiency even more with Blue Team and Purple Team approaches. Read more.
Gain a significant market and competitive advantage by complying with international security standards for your organization. Start by auditing the security of your organization.
Get the most realistic assessment of your staff and systems' security. Learn more about modeling the hackers' and social engineers' actions.
Get a level of security assurance unattainable with an external penetration test or any other security measure. Learn more about code security auditing.
Check your smart contract to avoid financial and reputational damage due to attacks, overflows, race-conditions, access violations and other security issues. Read more.

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