Cryeye Multi-engine Security Monitoring

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A uniquely powerful aggregator of cybersecurity tools

Cloud-based deep auditing and security monitoring solution that integrates Nessus, Acunetix, Netsparker, CheckMarx, SonarQube, ZAP Proxy, OpenVAS, Snyk, Fortify, Arachni, and over 1500 such tools.


Web Web Vulnerability Scanning
Get combined security scanning results from various auditing tools.

Infrastructure Infrastructure Scanning
Start round-the-clock security scanning of your infrastructure for vulnerabilities or misconfigurations.

Mobile Application Mobile Application Scanning
Deepest and most advanced mobile application scanning. Detection of all possible vulnerabilities and leaks in your mobile applications.

Smart Contract and Repository Smart Contract and Repository Scanning
Continuously scan and detect potential issues inside your organization’s source code repositories.

Web and DarkNet recon Web and DarkNet recon and monitoring
Get on-demand audit results or continuously monitor the Web and DarkNet for leakage of your sensitive data. When your data is stolen, you will know about it faster than the thief can sell it. When you have a zero-day vulnerability, you will know about it faster than a hacker can exploit it.

Reporting, support and integration

Each of the tools gives a full scan report available for download in various convenient formats. The reports offer recommendations to solve the problems that were found.

We and our partner CQR team provide full support for our solution. You will be assisted by our security analysts, pentesters, developers, project managers, and account managers. Cryeye is highly flexible, so we can add new individual functionality or reports for any of your specific requirements.

The Cryeye solution can be used not only as a standalone service, but also integrated into your systems or SaaS solutions that perform any kind of audit or monitoring, analysis or verification of websites, applications, source code or personal data of your users. We will help you to add to your services the unique features that you need to stay ahead of the competition.


Comparison with competing solutions

Competition Cryeye Acunetix Netsparker Metasploit
Cloud application + +
OSINT and domain profiling + +/ –
Blacklist and Filters detection + +
Dorking search for vulnerabilities and domains +
External services: Shodan, ZoomEye, Leak-Lookup, etc. +
GitHub analysis +
Whitebox analysis +
Ability to request a hotfix for a web app +

Cryeye’s Features


  • Automatic inventory of all discovered technologies.
  • Continuous monitoring of exploits, including zero-day exploits.
  • Automatic code security analysis of all popular programming languages: PHP, Java, Golang, Python, C/C++, Ruby, etc. On-demand manual security analysis of the code.
  • CI/CD and virtualization support: Terraform, Docker image security check, Azure Resource Manager, etc. Performing your DevOps and Security DevOps tasks manually, with the help of our specialists.
  • Active Directory security audit and monitoring with agent software.
  • Smart contract audit with three levels of testing. Security functions for the most popular blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Near, Heco, XDC. Manual audit of smart contracts by our experts.
  • The world’s best monitoring functionality for email, Github, your IP address range, and your trademark on the Web and DarkNet for leaks and zero-day vulnerabilities. Threat intelligence.
  • Automatic verification of findings, converting them to facts.

User interface

  • All management and all reports are in your browser.
  • Quick access to large amounts of data due to efficient structuring and modern user interface elements.
  • The AI-powered wizard helps you communicate with the system without the need for a deep understanding of technology.
  • Managing facts with a status system.