Automotive cybersecurity

Comprehensive security for automotive companies and their products

Сars aren’t just vehicles any longer. Now they are computers on wheels. Trusting them with your life, you largely trust their on-board computers and their resistance to external attacks. Meanwhile, the automotive industry still has a lot of security concerns.

As the first TISAX service provider in Eastern Europe, we have completed many implementation projects and remain the best in this area. We effectively solve car security problems using the services listed below.

Security compliance audit Gain market and competitive advantage by bringing your organization up to official compliance with international security standards such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, TISAX, GDPR, SOC 2 and more. VDA ISA and ENX TISAX implementation Gain new opportunities in the automotive industry with the implementation of VDA ISA and ENX TISAX certification. We are the leaders in this field. Penetration testing Test the resilience of your IT systems, staff or organization as a whole using ethical hacking techniques. We effectively assess possibilities of unauthorized access, service interruptions and other security incidents. Security audit of source code (SAST) Eliminate vulnerabilities in your application before it even sees the world. We will find all unsafe and undocumented functions, logic bombs and traps, back doors, OWASP TOP-10 vulnerabilities, etc. Configuration audit and cloud security assessment Make sure your system, cloud, or product is fully up to date with security requirements. During the audit, we analyze accounts, network configurations, data encryption, incident response, and more. Incident investigation and forensics Find out who penetrated your system, and when, how, and why they did it. We carry out detailed research including media analysis and apply cutting-edge techniques such as RAM, registry, shadow volume analysis, timeline analysis, and more. SCADA and ОТ audit Assess the security of your critical infrastructure. We have international certificates for industrial information security. We will help you with a deep SCADA and OT audit, as well as with industrial automation. Security of SCADA and industrial IT/OT Ensure the security of your SCADA and OT systems by implementing security audit recommendations. We design, develop, integrate and implement security controls, and also support them and train your staff. Product, service and DevOps security Get a complete risk analysis, define requirements and security measures to implement them across all stages of your product lifecycle. Discover our DevSecOps and Express SOC for SaaS services. Managed compliance Do you want to not just achieve compliance with ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC 2, GDPR, etc., but also regularly pass confirming certifications? We will help you effectively maintain and evolve your security management systems. Managed threat detection and response Order advanced threat detection, immediate incident response, and continuous security monitoring of IT assets of all kinds: network devices, servers, workstations, and individual applications.

Sources of security problems in the automotive industry

Recent research has shown that 30% of organizations in the automotive industry do not have an information security management system or cybersecurity team, and 63% of organizations perform vulnerability testing for less than half of the automotive software they develop. Research and surveys show that the main factors leading to vulnerabilities are:


Accidental errors and non-compliance with the rules of secure software development (SDLC).


Lack of appropriate testing procedures.

Open source

Use of vulnerable or outdated open-source software.


Lack of information security specialists.

In terms of specific technical issues, three areas pose the greatest risk to vehicle safety: autonomous driving technologies (or driver assistance), telematics, and radiofrequency technologies (e.g. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth). Thus, cybersecurity is becoming one of the key features of vehicles.

As a leader in automotive cybersecurity consulting, the H-X team can be your strategic partner in addressing complex security challenges.

Business cases of projects we completed

Audit of smart contracts and blockchain
Business Automation
Information security incident response and investigation
Managed security and compliance (ISO 27001, etc.)
Security analysis of software source code
Security assessment: audits and penetration tests
Security Operations Center cases

We will assess the security of your products, train your staff to behave and develop securely, and help you meet security standards and obtain international security certifications.

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