Application security

Secure Software Development Lifecycle and Security DevOps

Cybercriminals are well-organized, highly specialized and motivated, and armed with the necessary tools to detect and exploit vulnerabilities in any application and hack it. The job of H-X professionals is to help you establish a secure software development lifecycle process, verify the security of your applications, certify them, and teach your developers to code securely.

If you are developing software, whether for yourself or for sale, then you need application security (secure software development) to protect yourself from the financial and reputational risks associated with compromises of your applications.

All applications are required to be secure, ranging from simple server-side script to high-load distributed cloud systems that you build and maintain using modern CI/CD and DevOps technologies.

Application security is a set of measures that include methods, processes, and tools to protect applications from risks and threats throughout the entire lifecycle from requirements analysis and planning to release and support.

Combine organizational, technical, and training activities for maximum reliability, or just start with a security analysis of source code.

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