Secure Software Life Cycle


Implementation and management of Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Security is always about foresight. The further you look into the future, the more methodology is needed. We help you to establish a structured system development methodology. It applies to all types of business applications and related technical infrastructure.

infographic - SDLC

The system development methodology is supported by specialised, segregated development environments and involves a quality assurance process:

serviceSystem Development Methodology
Development activities should be conducted while adhering to a documented system development methodology to ensure that systems (including those under development) meet business and information security requirements.
serviceSystem Development Environments
System development activities should be performed in specialised development environments, which are isolated from the live and testing environments, and protected against unauthorised access to provide a secure development process, and avoid any disruption to business activity.
serviceQuality Assurance
Quality assurance of key security activities should be performed at each stage of the system development lifecycle to assure that the security requirements are defined adequately, agreed security controls are developed, and security requirements are met.

How to apply it?

  • Develop business applications and services in accordance with an approved system development lifecycle. It includes applying industry best practices such as ISO, NIST, ISF SoGP, OWASP (ASVS, SAMM, etc.), CIS, vendors’ methodologies (Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, etc.) and other security frameworks
  • Verify the application’s security according to the ASVS, and receive certificates that guarantee the security of your application.
  • Teach your software architects, developers and testers to manage information security at every stage of the system life cycle:

Specifications of Requirements > System Design > Software Acquisition and Coding > System Build > System Testing > Security Testing > System Promotion > Installation Process > Post-implementation Review > System Decommission


  1. Guides for secure management of software development tailored to your company’s application development and coding culture.
  2. Security architecture of products and solutions.
  3. Security controls at all stages of the software development lifecycle, in accordance with internal standards and customer methodologies, as well as international standards and best practices.
  4. Quick and efficient response to emerging application security issues and challenges.

Business value

  • Security and quality of client applications, solutions and products.
  • Correct and mature organization of software development projects, including control and monitoring of the development process.
  • Reduced risk of unanticipated software development and support costs due to clear security requirements and architectural design. This leads to a reduction in production scrap and rework.
  • Increased security awareness and the establishment of a mature security culture for software development projects.

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