Dramatically improving the reliability of IT infrastructure

Enterprise virtualization is a set of measures and steps to virtualize IT infrastructure: servers, user workstations, computer applications, and data transmission networks, that is, all available information resources. Virtualization provides tangible benefits for small, medium, and corporate businesses.

According to current statistics, the main challenges in implementing virtualization are related to security and compliance, as well as the burden of legacy infrastructure and the complexity of its migration to the clouds.

We address these challenges effectively as we specialize in security and focus on business value. We develop cloud strategies and support them with understandable economic calculations, ensuring a common understanding by the company’s management. We foster a cloud culture, educate professionals, and help them adapt to rapidly changing business needs.


Business Benefits


Allows you to reduce the purchase or upgrade costs of servers and workstations by 20-40%.

No capital costs

You don’t have to worry about buying and replacing hardware and components. These costs are covered by the cloud provider.

Improved security

Protect your critical company data in world-class cloud environments from Amazon, Microsoft, or Google, and leverage security tools such as encryption and single sign-on.

Flexible scalability

Pay only for what you need and when you need it. Easily scale your business without having to rebuild or upgrade your technology infrastructure.

Business continuity

The location of all systems in the cloud makes them easy to manage, easy to back up and restore data when needed.

Simplified support

Fewer technicians are required to maintain the system.


How cloud migration works  



Audit of the existing IT landscape and planning

We will assess the capacity of your current infrastructure, identify its weak points, propose solutions for strengthening, and plan migration work.


Test and trial run

We will check the designed solution with a small load before transferring it to trial operation. We will take into account all the migration features in advance so that it goes smoothly.


Transferring applications and getting started

We will consistently transfer the necessary services to the cloud. We will minimize the downtime of information systems.


Infrastructure maintenance and personnel training

We will closely monitor your infrastructure and its operation. We will conduct training in a convenient format for your employees.

Service summary

⏳ Duration of project Depends on the scope and complexity of the project, and can range from a few weeks to several months.
🎁 Can it be free or have a testing period? Free consultation and initial analysis of business requirements.
💼 What type of business needs it? Companies with large IT infrastructures, needs for high levels of scalability, flexibility, performance and reliability, and for reduced hardware and costs.
💡 When is this service needed? When you want to run multiple servers on a smaller number of physical servers, reduce energy costs while increasing efficiency and flexibility.
📈 Your profit Lower operational expenses and physical space, reduced hardware, energy and maintenance costs, and more efficient use of resources.
⚙️ Our methods and tools VirtualBox, VMware, Hyper-V, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc.
📑 Deliverables Virtual machines or containers, documentation, configuration and management procedures, and training materials.

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Business cases of projects we completed

Audit of smart contracts and blockchain
Business Automation
Information security incident response and investigation
Managed security and compliance (ISO 27001, etc.)
Security analysis of software source code
Security assessment: audits and penetration tests
Security Operations Center cases