Industrial security training

Training of industrial personnel is crucial to enterprise security and safety

The training involves different levels of security, standards, and procedures from different suppliers and contractors. Internal and external personnel must have the same understanding of security requirements and expectations.

The training course allows participants to gain a wide range of knowledge for SCADA/ICS security management. Students will gain all the necessary skills to solve the most difficult problems. These skills include:

  1. Risk assessment for SCADA/ICS systems
  2. User and system access control
  3. Network security configuration
  4. Ensuring fault tolerance of industrial systems

The training is adapted for audiences with different knowledge levels. If you are just a beginner, you will do simple training tasks. If you are a professional, we will suggest you solve difficult problems. Therefore, the gained experience adds tangible value to the trainees as specialists.

Training audience

  • CTO, CIO
  • SCADA/ICS security specialists
  • SCADA/ICS architects
  • SCADA/ICS software developers
  • SCADA/ICS system administrators
  • Project managers who implement SCADA/ICS
  • SCADA/ICS auditors

Theoretical section

  1. Industrial ISMS basics
  2. Administrative and logical controls of industrial network security
  3. Risk assessment and management
  4. Disaster recovery and backup strategies
  5. Secure network (segmentation, DMZ, internetworking)
  6. User access control
  7. Network security tools
  8. Backup tools and data availability
  9. Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  10. Virtual environment security

Practical section

  1. Data inventory
  2. IDS/IPS deployment planning
  3. Creating risk registry
  4. Planning VPN connections
  5. Incident recovery
  6. Firewall settings between two industrial network segments
  7. Configuring routing for industrial network connection to DMZ
  8. Traffic analysis
  9. Creating access policies
  10. Evaluating and testing disaster recovery and backup policies

For more details, you can find the examples of our educational programmes in the following documents:

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