Doing business with H‑X Technologies

Collaboration program

Regardless of what you do, we invite you to do business with us. We offer you a commission referral payment for the clients you direct to us. We will sign a contract in advance to confirm the size of the commission. This way, you support your friends or customers and earn at the same time.

Partner with H-X Technologies to keep your customers secure and increase your sales.

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Benefits for partners

Increase your competitive advantage
Add top-quality, relevant cybersecurity services to your portfolio.
Get extra income
Offer customers value-added services and generate new revenue streams.
Strengthen customer relationships
Improve your reputation by helping your customers stay safe.
Get protection for your environment
Verified security experts will be one click away from you.
Security challenges your customers face
Constantly evolving threats
Companies of all sizes face an ever-changing set of security threats and new risks that cannot be identified and treated in time.
Decline in technology efficiency
Technological security solutions are becoming too complex, expensive and do not protect against all types of attacks, especially against the threats of remote work in quarantine.
Lack of skills and resources
Internal security management is complex and resource-intensive, requiring high recruitment, development and retention costs.
Tightening of external requirements
Failure to comply with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC 2, ISO 27001, and other regulations and standards can result in significant fines.

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Are you an IT or InfoSec distributor or integrator?
Your end clients need an independent quality assessment of security solutions, before and after their implementation. In particular, they need to calculate risks, added value, ROI, TCO, to carry out feasibility studies and to substantiate investments. We are at the forefront of the fight against modern security threats, so we know very well the end customers' problems. We can evaluate the benefits of security and its costs. Therefore, we can act as an independent auditor or co-integrator and help you increase your sales. Likewise, our clients ask us for recommendations on security systems. We are interested in protecting our customers and recommending effective solutions to them.
Are you from IT or InfoSec consulting, outsourcing or recruitment?
You may be interested in our Team Extension / Remote CISO service. Add cybersecurity experience to your portfolio and cybersecurity competence to your offers!
Are you from an insurance company?
Do you know that your competitors already offer information risk insurance to their clients? We will help you create or improve this service. We can offer you and your potential and current clients the following: information security audit services, information risk assessment services, as well as information security incident investigation services (in particular, determining the client's liability in case of an incident).
Are you from a law firm?
We have many common points of interest, starting with GDPR implementation, which is a hot topic now. We can engage you in the legal parts of our projects, and you can engage us in the IT parts of your projects.