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25 Nov 2023

Successful smart contract audits for decentralized exchanges

Recently, highly qualified specialists from our company successfully conducted comprehensive security audits of smart contracts for two decentralized exchanges – DX25 and Veax, in collaboration with Tacans, a Web3 venture studio. Traditionally, we share brief information with you about the process and the results of our work.

Audits of NEAR and DX25 smart contracts included a detailed assessment of the security of smart contracts, namely, automated checks and deep manual code analysis to cover all aspects of security.

In both audits, several stages and processes were performed to ensure security, reliability, and correctness.

Key audit steps included contract review, threat modeling, code verification, testing, and reliability verification, as well as compliance checks.

During the audits, some issues were identified, which generally represented a low level of risk. However, the identification of such issues by our team and subsequent dialogue with the client’s team enabled the improvement of the overall code quality and the security status of the projects.

The audit results confirmed that both platforms demonstrate a high level of security.

For a deeper understanding of the established security standards for DX25, please refer to the full audit report

For more detailed information regarding Veax, please refer to this article.

We appreciate the trust of our clients, which is valuable and important to us. We are pleased to collaborate with companies specializing in the field of web3, as we consider it our mission to enhance the security of blockchain and web3.

If you have current security questions, feel free to reach out to us. We are confident in productive cooperation and our added value to the development of your web3 solutions.


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