Largest hack of XRP cryptocurrency

1 Feb 2024

Hackers have stolen $112 million dollars in XRP Ripple

Cybercriminals have successfully taken over $112 million worth of XRP Ripple cryptocurrency belonging to the co-founder of the Ripple blockchain project, Chris Larsen. 

The incident, which occurred on January 30 this year, was the largest hack in the last month, during which hackers carried out 30 attacks. The total amount of stolen funds amounted to about 182.5 million dollars. Among the victims were the XRP wallets of a top manager of Ripple.

In connection with this event, the XRP rate fell by more than 5%, causing considerable excitement in the market. Chris Larsen emphasized that his personal accounts were attacked on the day of the incident, not the company’s corporate accounts. 

Crypto exchanges received a notification about the incident and a request to freeze suspicious addresses. The security service is actively taking the necessary measures to establish the circumstances and identify the attackers.

Due to the incident, we strongly recommend paying special attention to the security of your cryptocurrency accounts. 

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