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15 Sep 2023

Successful Security Audit of an Artificial Intelligence Online Platform

Recently, we successfully completed penetration testing and security retesting in collaboration with Elai.io. We’d like to share a brief overview of the process and results with you.

This project involved conducting a penetration test of an online generative artificial intelligence platform, followed by retesting immediately after the client addressed vulnerabilities. The audit was focused on a single domain, elai.io.

In the initial phase, our team registered test accounts on the Elai.io platform. One of these accounts was granted administrator privileges and a promo code, enabling us to explore various attack vectors.

The penetration testing spanned 15 working days and culminated in a thorough assessment of the platform’s security. Throughout the audit, the Elai.io team asked numerous questions, to which we provided timely explanations and recommendations.

Upon completing the testing phase, we awaited the client’s resolution of vulnerabilities to proceed with retesting. During the subsequent retesting, it became evident that the client’s implemented fixes were insufficient. This was due to their reluctance to impose restrictions that could impact business processes. We and the client found a trade-off with regarding the recommendations, leading to their implementation.

The final phase of the project involved a meticulous analysis and reassessment of security measures, after which we prepared a detailed confidential report and a public report on security assurance.

The collaboration between H-X Technologies and Elai.io reaffirms our commitment to enhancing cybersecurity practices and safeguarding cutting-edge information technologies, including artificial intelligence and other Web 3.0 technologies.

In addition to our general security assessment methods applicable to the frontend and backend of any web application, we also possess specialized expertise in machine learning security.

If you have any security-related questions or concerns in these or related industries, be sure to contact us. During a free consultation, we can provide insights into how these issues can be effectively addressed.

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