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4 Oct 2023

The path to a conscious career and success

We sincerely believe that the lion’s share of the meaning of life and happiness of any person lies in a good job and a good family. Both can be built. To get a good job, you need to understand your talents, develop them and not miss chances.

Our company considers its personnel to be its main value. We have many years of experience in developing employee competencies. We recently updated our HR policies and vacancies, and also implemented a new service, – career consulting and diagnostics.

What is it?

The career counseling and diagnostic service is our response to the challenges of modern professional life, providing a chance and a means to develop careers more consciously and successfully.

Our comprehensive approach encompasses stages of professional development, starting with career diagnostics and in-company internship, and concluding with competency management and employee tuition compensation. We aim to assist our employees and interns in unlocking their full potential and achieving success in their professional lives.

How does it work?

The career counseling and diagnostic service offers an opportunity to maximize the professional potential capabilities of our employees, interns, job applicants, students, etc. The process begins with diagnosing the person’s inclinations and abilities by our specialists.

Starting the process of diagnosing professional individuality is easy and accessible. Clients of our service only need to download a questionnaire, which includes detailed instructions. This questionnaire helps us better understand interests, inclinations and skills, enabling us to provide personalized career development plans.

Determining professional goals is just the beginning. Depending on the results of the diagnostics, we offer an opportunity to complete an internship within our company. Here is a chance for the interns to communicate with top-level professionals in the field of information technology and information security, receive competence development programs, test assignments, valuable knowledge and skills, and gain confidence in career choice.

Why is it necessary?

The career counseling and diagnostic service not only helps avoid jobs that don’t suit but also uncover opportunities for professional career development that may not always be apparent. Using our service, we maximize employees’, interns’ and applicants’ potential capabilities and, in turn, enhance our competitive advantages.

After completing the diagnostics, we provide valuable information for improving hard and soft skills, as well as for developing career plans. This report includes the following aspects:

  1. Checking for a suitable profession: we help determine whether people are trying to pursue a trendy profession that may not align with their true talents, interests, and abilities.
  2. List of recommended professional directions: based on the diagnostic results, we provide lists of professional directions, including recommendations for choosing professions and specialized areas that can combine multiple skills.
  3. Valuable advice: we offer valuable advice on how to use abilities in building a successful career or business, applying simple steps to maximize one’s potential.

Our career diagnostic service is available free of charge.


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