Smart Contract Audit for Decentralized Exchange

6 Jan 2024

Concordex is a reliable DeFi solution from the point of view of smart contract security

We have conducted a thorough audit of smart contracts for the decentralized exchange Concordex, going beyond basic security checks to shield the platform from external threats. Traditionally, we share with you the process and results of our work.

The audit included various levels of automated and manual tests, simulating different attack scenarios to identify vulnerabilities.

Our team of specialists identified low-level issues in this project, which were successfully addressed through seamless collaboration with the client’s team:

F-1 Unnecessary Argument Passing

During the audit, it was found that, during the initialization of the smart contract, the variable “fee_rates” is passed as an argument. However, this is not necessary since this variable is constantly checked. Despite developers maintaining this approach for future scalability, they accepted our recommendation for simplification.

F-2 Lack of Implementation

Insufficiencies were discovered in the “dex_token_register_of” function due to the constant return value, which could lead to misunderstandings in future development. To address this issue, we aligned the function’s purpose with its actual functionality. As a result, we improved code readability and reduced the likelihood of misunderstandings during development.

Despite identified areas that require improvement to further enhance the platform’s security, the audit results confirm the reliability of Concordex’s smart contracts.

To learn more about the audit results, please review our detailed report.

For additional information on security measures, please contact us.

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