Acknowledgement from DTEK

27 Dec 2021 Author: Sofia Mashchenko

We have received acknowledgement from DTEK, Ukraine’s largest private energy company, for the high quality and timely security assessment of their information resources. Despite the challenging assignment and tight deadlines, we have managed to exceed the customer’s expectations.

We are pleased to apply our knowledge and international experience to ensure the security of ICS and SCADA, as well as to protect information and operational technologies of the country’s critical infrastructure.

We are publishing our esteemed customer’s acknowledgement in full:

“DTEK SERVICE LLC would like to thank the H-X Technologies team for the high-quality and timely security assessment of DTEK’s information resources.

To select the best service provider, we organised a tender, in which the leaders of Ukraine’s information security services market took part. It came as a surprise to us that the proposal and qualifications of the relatively young company H-X Technologies turned out to be the best, but the results even exceeded our expectations.

The H-X Technologies team was given the challenging task of performing high quality but tightly scheduled penetration tests and risk assessments of DTEK’s IT infrastructure with a large scope of coverage.

H-X company, despite the project’s uncertainties and other risks, handled this research work perfectly. The project results were accurate and the reports for management and IT specialists were perfectly structured, neat and easy to understand. The H-X team performed even better than expected and helped our partner, a payment gateway, to eliminate a serious technical vulnerability.

We are pleased that such Ukrainian companies as H-X Technologies are working successfully in the global cybersecurity market, especially the industrial one. We are therefore pleased to benefit from the international experience in information and industrial security that the H-X team gives us.

We wish the management and specialists of H-X Technologies further development, accumulation of experience, victories and success, congratulations on the upcoming winter holidays and wish you health and happiness!”


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