Our updated ISO 27001 online wizard

2 Oct 2023

ISO 27001:2022 online self-assessment – your path to enhanced information security

Is your company committed to ensuring the maximum protection of your data, systems, and other assets? Does adherence to international information security standards matter to you? If so, we have excellent news for you!

We are pleased to announce the update of our online wizard for compliance with ISO 27001, from the 2013 version to the 2022 version. This tool enables your company to assess how well its information security aligns with the latest version of the world’s most widely recognized information security standard. ISO 27001:2022 represents the current and contemporary methodology for managing information security. Implementing this methodology can provide your company with a competitive advantage and the trust of your customers.

Why is it important to assess compliance with ISO 27001:2022?

Evaluating your company’s compliance with ISO 27001:2022 is the initial and crucial step in ensuring the security of your data and information environment. It also offers the opportunity to:

  • Identify and address vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your information security.
  • Develop and enhance policies, procedures, and practices to safeguard data.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to security and the protection of your customers’ data to clients and partners.
  • Ensure compliance with international standards and legislative requirements.

Updated ISO 27001:2022 questionnaire – your self-assessment tool

Our updated online wizard for ISO 27001:2022 compliance is a resource that will help your company evaluate its current state of information security and determine the necessary steps for improvement. It includes a list of internal documents, policies, and procedures required for compliance with the standard.

We invite you to take advantage of our updated version of the online wizard for ISO 27001:2022 compliance and begin your journey toward more robust information security. This tool is freely available on our website and serves as your initial step toward safeguarding your data and systems, as well as your client’s assets.

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