War in Ukraine

4 Mar 2022 Author: Sofia Mashchenko

Our assessment of the events in Ukraine and our work during the war

What is happening in Ukraine

At 4 AM on February 24, 2022, the Russian armed forces began bombing and invading Ukraine. Every day Ukrainian civilians are being killed and Ukrainian cities are being destroyed.

Russian rulers and propaganda motivate their actions as a response to the oppression of Russian-speaking residents in Ukraine. Well aware of the situation in Ukraine, we refute the claims of Russian rulers and propaganda. The Russian language has never been so oppressed in Ukraine as to cause any significant inconvenience to us. Virtually all Ukrainians understand Russian and Ukrainian well and often communicate in a mixture of these languages. This is normal and is not a violation of anyone’s rights.

Also, the Russian ruling regime is unhappy about the establishment of NATO bases in Eastern Europe and the militarisation of Ukraine. Obviously, Russia’s actions are at the very least illogical and counterproductive, since more and more weapons and other aid have been coming to Ukraine from the West since the war began.

Refraining from emotional or subjective assessments, we consider the actions of the Russian rulers to be primarily an ideological and strategic mistake, for which the Ukrainian and Russian peoples have paid, are paying, and will continue to pay a high price: civilian deaths, destruction of human lives, falling living standards, destruction of cities, economy and the environment.

In addition, the Russian leadership overestimated the strength of its own army and underestimated the strength of the Ukrainian resistance and the unity of the Ukrainian army with its people. This mistake also has a significant impact on prolonging the war, the number of casualties on both sides, economic sanctions against Russia, and other damage in both warring countries.

We believe that both warring sides should immediately stop the bloodshed and start negotiations.

collage war

How we work

Earlier, we shared with you our recommendations on business continuity. Since our plan provided for a war in Eastern Europe, it proved effective.

Our employees work in Eastern and Western Europe. We provide a variety of assistance to our employees to keep them alive and safe.

We continue to take measures to ensure business continuity and uninterrupted services to our customers, including pre-sale activities, projects and deliveries.

When the war started, we had no customers from Russia, but there were requests for service from there. For obvious reasons, we stopped handling such requests until after the war and the signing of a peace treaty between Russia and Ukraine.

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