Year-end Summary and Congratulations

27 Dec 2023

The outgoing year turned out to be intense and fruitful. We continued to develop and provide information security services to our clients in Europe, the USA, and Asia in various industries, including energy, industry, SaaS, Web3, blockchain, and others. The growth in our sales volume compared to the previous year has been 10%.

As a European company with Ukrainian roots, we are particularly proud of our successful collaboration with DTEK, the largest Ukrainian energy company. They confirmed that in challenging conditions of conventional and cyber warfare attacks on the country’s critical infrastructure, we manage to fulfill DTEK’s orders on time and with high quality.

Following the European legislation, we proactively developed a compliance implementation service for the NIS 2 Cybersecurity Directive. Due to the increased demand for phishing protection, we introduced a social engineering simulation service, separate from penetration testing and training, which remains highly popular among our clients.

Global risks necessitated improving the existing and implementing new forms of collaboration with our clients, partners, and staff. We forged new partnerships and continued expanding our branch network in different countries.

The proportion of recurring customers among our total client base remains very high. Therefore, we continued to apply and enhance our continuous improvement and cost optimization policy. This allowed our customers to get more value for every dollar spent and, as a result, remain our loyal clients.

Significant improvement in the quality-to-price ratio is achieved through the automation of our security services, both in compliance management and technical information security.

We achieved substantial success in talent management – enhancing talent search and development processes, as well as competence management for our staff. We take pride in our effective and comprehensive system of training professionals from scratch to the level of international experts, consultants, trainers, and leaders of our departments and branches.

We met many new wonderful people, projects, startups, and companies. We became part of their story, and they became part of ours, and we continue to shape this story for the benefit of everyone with reliable protection against present and future threats.

We thank our employees, partners, clients, and users of our online services for their collaboration in the outgoing year!

Having overcome the winter solstice, the daylight steadily increases. A bright period has also begun for the blockchain market, where we have been actively working and investing for many years, and which has come alive after a prolonged crypto winter. Similarly, the light in our eyes and hearts intensifies, bringing new hopes, dreams, intentions, and plans.

Congratulations to all our current and future colleagues and clients on the winter holidays! We wish you success in the turbulent whirlpools of global changes, health, and strength to sustain movement in chosen directions, and the achievement of the most ambitious goals!

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