Vladimir Buldyzhov

Vladimir Buldyzhov - CISSP, ISO 27001 Implementation
Chief Executive Officer

He has been involved in system administration, software development and teaching since 1998. Continuous experience as a corporate information security manager since 2002. Managed projects and also worked in business and systems analytics since 2004. Continuous experience in the development of information security service business since 2012. Since 2014, he has been carrying out information security projects in Germany, Ukraine and Singapore, as well as remotely, for customers from more than 30 countries. He worked in heavy industry, a trading holding, the financial sector and IT companies (outsourcing, grocery and SaaS). In addition, he worked on projects in construction, the automotive industry, e-commerce, medicine, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, insurance, government organizations, etc. He was engaged in scientific research in the field of attack graphs. Interested in psychology, linguistics, music, graphic design, tourism, personal development, traditional medicine.

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