Best protection in quarantine conditions

24 Feb 2021 Author: Vladimir Buldyzhov

Information security of organizations in remote work mode

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to adapt to the new rules of life and changed the business processes of most companies. Thus, many businesses have moved to remote work, facing new technical, psychological and social security risks.

For example, the security of home networks is much worse than office ones. Therefore, work from home is more susceptible to phishing and hacker attacks. It often happens that children or pets press computer keys and destroy important data or send junk messages to important people.

Read our Information security awareness guide on secure work at home.

One of the most serious problems is the lack of qualified security managers who have deep technical knowledge and at the same time are experienced leaders. Such specialists are especially unaffordable for small and medium-sized businesses.

How to find a cybersecurity manager and specialist who would cover the legal, organizational, training and technical aspects of cybersecurity in 4 languages, would have experience in different cultural environments and industries, and would not require a high salary?

It’s easy to do this with our updated Security Experts as a service.

The best specialists and security managers work in the most flexible way. If necessary, we work on your behalf for your clients and provide white label services. All work is done remotely. This simplifies and speeds up the process. Subscribing to this service costs less than the salary of a dedicated security professional.

Our Virtual CISO service can help you to solve a number of tasks related to the development and implementation of information security strategies and programmes for your organization, including risk management, regulatory compliance, consulting and training for your staff.

What are the advantages of our services and working with us?

  • We cover a wide range of standards, develop and implement policies and procedures, and do technical work: testing and securing systems, performing investigations, etc.
  • For small projects and low-load deliveries (below 16 man-hours per month), it is more profitable to work with us than to hire a person on the staff.
  • Our high level of service is substantiated by our customers from all around the world.
  • A wide range of experienced professionals, from pentesters and SOC analysts to virtual cybersecurity managers (vCISO) and personal data protection officers (DPO).
  • Simple collaboration process and clear subscription model.

More about Experts as a Service and Virtual CISO.

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