New Functionality of Smart Contract Analysis

5 Jul 2024 Author: Maria Ohnivchuk

Ethereum — Solidity, Solana — Rust now under one roof

We are pleased to announce a significant update of our automatic smart contract auditing service Now, in addition to analyzing Ethereum smart contracts in Solidity, our tool supports auditing Solana smart contracts written in Rust!

The expansion of capabilities is an important milestone in the development of, and a confirmation that we are actively developing our free services. We aim to provide developers and auditors with a fast and efficient toolkit to verify the security of smart contracts in various blockchain ecosystems.

Service features: 

  • analyzing multi-file smart contracts;
  • verification of smart contracts published on the blockchain;
  • verification of smart contracts in Github;
  • use of artificial intelligence technologies to improve audit accuracy.

The analysis time in most cases is only a few minutes. This allows you to quickly get an initial assessment of your code security and detect the most gross errors. continues to work in the free beta-testing mode, giving developers and smart contract owners an opportunity to evaluate the advantages of automated auditing. At the same time, for important projects and reliable results, we recommend supplementing superficial automated analysis with in-depth manual audits by experienced security experts with many years of experience.

Check out today and see the effectiveness of our automated and manual services to improve the security of your smart contracts!

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