Remote Work Security Guidelines

24 Mar 2020 Author: Vladimir Buldyzhov

In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have switched to the remote workforce. Some have already had such experience, but many are facing it for the first time.

We have written about business continuity. The transition to remote work has clearly shown the importance of an integrated systematic approach to security.

Our clients have asked us to help with official and trustworthy recommendations on the security of remote work at home. We have been given the task, on the one hand, not to overload the readers with the excess of information. On the other hand, we should, in an unobtrusive and easy way, focus on the most important risks, settings and security rules that are relevant today.

As the source of information, we have selected the latest recommendations of the SANS Institute, which is well-known in information security, and our relevant 15-year experience in corporate security management.

Feeling social responsibility in this difficult time, we are pleased to share with you our short guide on the information security of working at home.

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