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1 Feb 2023 Author: Sofia Mashchenko

H-X Technologies named Best Service Provider in 2023 by Clutch

Choosing a reliable provider of information security (IS) services and IT in general is not an easy task.

One key factor that is often overlooked is unbiased customer reviews. They are an essential tool for building trust and demonstrating that the company is reliable and capable of handling the challenges of your project.

To make sure that the reviews of a particular IT service provider are trustworthy, you can check them on Clutch, a reputable platform specialising in B2B market research.

H-X Technologies, a leading cybersecurity company, regularly receives top 5-star ratings on Clutch. We recently received the Top Cybersecurity Company 2023 award, the next in a series.

We are gratified to receive such recognition. It serves as another motivator for us and confirmation that we are moving in the right direction.

Another such confirmation is our results for 2022, namely the recommendations of large customers with billions of dollars in turnover, as well as the growth and development of our company, despite the global crises.

H-X Technologies offers a full range of cybersecurity services and is known for its excellence, flexibility and reliability.

Below is an example of feedback we recently received.


Check out other Clutch reviews about us to see why we are the perfect choice to protect your cybersecurity business.

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