A year rich in events and achievements

24 Dec 2022 Author: Sofia Mashchenko

Dear customers, partners, and users!

At the end of the year, it is convenient to sum up the results. According to our evaluation, 2022 has been a generous year for events and achievements, which we, by tradition, want to tell you about.

It has been a challenging year for our company and for the world in general. We have successfully tested our Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) in real-life disaster situations and have shared our experience with you.

The BCP projects we are doing now for international companies are on a new global level, quite different from last year. Now they take into account, for example, the probability of such incidents as a war involving China or North Korea, as well as the use of nuclear weapons by these countries, Russia or Iran.

Despite global crises, we have continued to successfully provide security services that are in demand in a world of chaos and uncertainty. We especially protect and value our customers in national critical infrastructure. The quality and reliability of our work have been acknowledged by the largest bank in Ukraine, PrivatBank. In the context of an unprecedented cyberwar, we continue to protect our regular customer, DTEK, the largest private energy company in Ukraine.

Realising the social and economic importance of blockchain technologies, especially in the era of global crises, we continue to popularise cryptocurrencies and Web3, as well as their security. Our unique comparative analysis of modern tools for evaluating the security of smart contracts is especially popular with the readers of our blog. We have also developed and implemented the world’s first free online smart contract security analysis service.

The number of manual audits of smart contracts that we have performed this year has increased significantly. Our clients are NFT companies and decentralised exchanges (DEX).

Traditionally, we have successfully completed a number of projects on security audit and assessment, implementation and support of ISO 27001 and other security standards, as well as projects and deliveries in other areas of cybersecurity for customers from Europe, America, and Asia.


It is said that “crisis always brings new opportunities”. This works, apparently, because our attention is constantly focused on quality work for you, on professional and social development, on educating young professionals, and on charity. Our results are eloquent, since we not only provide our clients with reliable protection in the face of global risks, and our partners with a stable source of income, but we are also actively developing both in the previously mastered areas of cybersecurity and in the new ones.

In 2022, we have enriched our portfolio of services, cases and clients, replenished our staff with new employees and expanded our partner network. All this allows us to feel optimistic and look into the new year with confidence.

We sincerely believe that the coming year will bring an end to the war in Ukraine and, as a result, a reduction in global terrorist threats for decades to come. We wish you to feel and get what we see and have – unlimited horizons of opportunities for new beginnings, new professional achievements, financial stability, and the implementation of all good plans.

Our company thanks you for your interaction and cooperation with us, and congratulates you on the upcoming New Year holidays!


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