Dennis Kudin

Dennis Kudin - ISO 27001 Senior Lead Auditor, ISA/CFS
Chief Information Security Officer

Certified ISO 27001 and ISA 62443 CFS Lead Auditor and Licensed Information Security Assessor. Since 2000, has been involved in cybersecurity, including the design and development of information security systems, solutions and products, as well as information security management. Since 2018, has been working at H-X Technologies. Performs penetration testing, vulnerability analysis, source code security audits, and other security assessments. Advises on GDPR and other personal data protection regulations. Audits and implements SOC 2, ISO 27001, VDA ISA, ENX TISAX, HIPAA, IACS and other standards. Experience of SOC Tier 3 Subject Matter Expert and experience in implementing the vCISO service for dozens of companies. Engaged in cyber forensics and cybercrime investigation. Manages software development projects: cryptocurrency exchange, electronic payment systems, etc.

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